Business Coaching

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is a method of supporting, guiding and educating a business owner in the improvement of the performance of their business. Often, this involves the owner developing personally and improving their own performance.

Sometimes, we help the business owner get out of their own way, and allow the business to flourish.

As most of our business comes from referrals, our new clients can have confidence that someone they know and trust is using an Acuity business coach, and having a positive experience. We get all different kinds of businesses referred to us, and are confident that our coaching strategies apply to any business or industry.

There are five types of clients we work with;

  • one that wants to grow but doesn't know how
  • one that has grown, but is now experiencing a few issues
  • one that has been operating for twenty or more years, and the owners have had enough and are thinking of selling,
  • one where the owners are working 60 - 70 hours per week, and just want their life back, or
  • one that is running really well, but the owners see value having someone objective to bounce ideas off.

Once referred to us, we have a preliminary discussion to make sure that we can help. This initial meeting is complimentary, whether the prospective client proceeds or not. Once engaged, we get a detailed briefing from the client, gathering all useful facts to determine a path forward. This helps us produce a coaching plan that acts as the road map for the coaching relationship.

We then coach each month, to shift the business from where it is now, to where the owners would like it to be. The minimum duration of the coaching relationship is twelve months, at which point the plan is reviewed to assess progress and satisfaction. We discourage businesses from starting with us unless they can commit to at least twelve months.

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